When your home has undergone the rigors of a long winter with ice, snow, frigid winds, it would have taken a toll on your shingle roof as well. Hence, it is imperative that you run a maintenance check on your roof to understand the damages done so that you can get the necessary repairs conducted before the thunderstorms of the spring season arrive.

How to scan your shingle roof?

It is best to get professional roofers to come and inspect your roof. If you are doing it yourself, it is best to simply get a visual inspection from ground level. You could use binoculars for a better view. The rooftop needs to be scanned for dark patches which would show areas that have missing shingles are buckled or broken. You need to check the damages or gaps that are created along roof edges and also inspect areas like the skylight, plumbing stacks and dormers.

Leaks and water seepage

These are common problems that need to be found and addressed before extensive damages happen to your shingle roof. Leaks ruin the R value of attic insulation. If you are not sure what that means, professional roofing companies can come and run a thorough inspection on your behalf. These usually showcase structural damages such as decay of roof decking and other structural components like rafters. When you call in the professionals such as roofing contractors they will be able to inspect and find out whether there are growth of mildew or mold, water stains on ceilings and exterior walls and so forth.

Examining gutters

These also form an integral part of your roofing and ensure that water flows out instead of accumulating on roof surfaces. Professional roofing companies would send across professionals to check how well your gutters are functioning. If there is evidence of overflowing or back up the flow that needs to be addressed as that can damage the roof decking, shingles and siding. You need to address such aspects before the rains come down. Get roofers on the task if you wish to get your gutters redone.

Professional help

To take care of any damage found on your shingle roof it is best to call in professional roofing contractors. They will be able to do a thorough inspection of the area and get the damages fixed.