I planned to visit Delta with my kids this summer. I must say that I had a great experience unlike what people have to say. Here, there are several things to do and see for your kids. In case you are visiting Delta anytime soon, here are a few fun things that you can do with your kids.

  • Visit a bird sanctuary

Your kids are simply going to love this sanctuary. Covering an area of 300 hectares, there are natural marshes, wetlands, and treed paths. What surprised me was that his sanctuary is home to more than 300 species of birds. The best time to visit is summer and spring. Keep in mind that you have to walk as you will not get any skateboards or bikes. These are allowed inside. I had a picnic with my entrance. You can avail the facilities at the entrance.

  • Stopover a park

You should not miss out on Centennial Beach or Boundary Bay Park. Fly kites with your kids and have some fun. Go into the water or get a snack from the concession snack. Indulge in volleyball in the courts that are present in the park. You will find migratory birds here as this is migration route along Pacific flyway.

  • Check Out the Emma Lea Farms

Handpick some berries with your kids. Picking generally starts in the middle of June and end in the month of August. However, it depends on the berries. Apart from berries, you will also find seasonal vegetables in here. Do not forget to visit the ice-cream stand. I loved the smoothie and ice-cream. But you can also have sundaes and milkshakes. These are delicious and are made from the fresh berries which are picked from the farm. You are surely going to have a unique experience.