This is a vital part of our home that protects us from the elements. It is necessary that we take the right steps to ensure the maintenance of our roof. Even if you have taken up a maintenance project a year back, it does not mean you can rest easy. There would be certain components that would be damaged and need replacements from time to time. Here are some key indicators that roofers suggest for keeping an eye out.

Shingle roof damages

Damaged or missing shingles are one of the common aspects to look out for when you have a shingled roof. This usually happens in extreme weather conditions, when your home has weathered storms or gone through a long winter season. While a few missing or lifted shingles need not be replaced immediately, extensive damage signs are that of several missing shingles, buckled and curled shingles that might warrant a full replacement. In such cases seek advice and quotation from dependable roofing contractors.

Water seepage in rooms below

For homes that have cemented roofs as found in tropical climates, the roof surface often develops cracks and indentations that lead to water seepage. This is seen in the ceilings of rooms below the roof or the attic. If you find water seepage signs, it is time to call the roofers and get the roof surface cemented again.

Gutter debris

While gutter debris accumulation is common, these surfaces often lose their coating over several years of exposure to weather elements. The granulated coating often gets caught in the drainage system of a roof which can lead to back flow of water as well. Calling experienced professionals from roofing companies will ensure that the right inspection is done and if replacements are needed, these are done in time.

Life expectancy of roofs

Usually a roof needs maintenance and repairs over a decade or so. Well done asphalt roofs would last you 25 years or more. If you have not gotten roof repairs or maintenance done over such a period of time it is best to call in the professional roofing contractors to inspect and get the necessary repairs done.