Apopa, which is one of the municipalities of the department of San Salvador, we wanted to explore something different in this beautiful country, so we were guided to Apopa, the city is now collided with Soyapango and San Salvador, making it part of the Great San Salvador Metro. The best time to visit Apopa is around January when the temperature and weather are breezy and sunny.


  • Iglesia El Rosario


the finest church in Central America with its non-descript concrete exterior concealing an arched roof and a rainbow of natural light rushing across the altar and bouncing off the metal and rock.


  • Acuatico Tio Julio Park


It may not be huge or very posh looking but it definitely has something for everyone.


  • El Picacho


The Christ at “El Picacho“, a monument which stands on the hill El Picacho, is in the north area of Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, and is at a height of 4,353 feet above sea level.


  • Lake Ilopango


Lake Ilopango, a lake formed from the volcano, is in the central part of the city. The huge blue-green water will give you an unforgettable experience.


  • Panchimalco


This town comes under the San Salvador department of El Salvador. With its 35,000 inhabitants, and sometimes called “Panchos,” this city has a lot of historical roots and just like us, if you are a buff, then you will enjoy it. If you are someone who enjoys Indian culture or if you hail from India yourself then you must see this city.

We all know this place isn’t much hyped but it’s still a treasure waiting to be found and appreciated. Plan your trip now, Apopa is waiting to surprise you. It is better than you plan your trip to spend at least one week here.