Amsterdam was always in my travel list, and one day when I finally got the chance to travel to Amsterdam my excitement was at its peak. After landing in the city, I find this city awesome for holiday. This city is known for his artistic heritage, and therefore in every nooks and cranny of Amsterdam, you will see a cultural difference. Here, is what I find interesting in Amsterdam and want you to have a look at it during your tour to the place.

Walter Elwood Museum

I begin my tour of Amsterdam from this museum as I had received lots of positive feedback about the place. From outside, the museum does not have the appearance of the museum, but inside, it has a huge and interesting collection of things that educate us about the history of Amsterdam and culture of the place.

Adirondack Animal Land

My second spot was this one. Because I was on vacation with my children, I had to take care of their interest as well. The place is both for adults and children, the zoo is well maintained and animals are in good health. If you are traveling alone, the place is not worth visiting, but if you are with family it should be in your to-do list.

Down by River

This is the place that I and my wife liked the most and my children enjoyed a bit. This is a guided tour of the Mohawk River; during the visit, you get chances to explore Erie Canal history.

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Mabee Farm Historic Site

Is the historical site and the property is lovely? There is a lush green space where you can enjoy some peaceful time with family. It is a great destination for a family picnic and school tour.