Dealing with Ice Dams & Other Roofing Challenges in the Winter Months

Many people who own homes in the north part of the country experience a lot of roofing problems during the winter months. They could experience ice dams, damage to shingles or flashing and downspouts. Obviously, the best time of year to prepare your roof is in the fall but we are obviously way past that now.

If you were unable to prepare your roof before winter came and you are experiencing a leak or some structural damage to your roof, there are definitely a few things you can do.

Inspect your roof for any ice dams that might have formed where you can visibly see icicles. If you ever see icicles on the home, that means that the roofing insulation is not adequate and warm air is escaping causing the snow on the roof to melt and then when a cold freeze comes through it re-freezes.  Not sure of what an ice dam is?  Check out this good write-up.

We had this happen on our home in the New York area a few years back and it was a nightmare. We had 5 foot icicles and the ice dams on our roof or at least 1 foot thick.  Our neighbors had the same problem but rather than do it yourself, they opted to hire one of the better roofing companies in Albany to help remove the roof ice and snow.

It is likely better to hire a professional roofing company to service and maintain your roof especially when ice is involved in close contact to shingles. The last thing you want to have happen is chipping away at the ice and you damage your shingles or other parts of your roof.

You might experience roofing weeks around your chimney, skylights or other areas where warm moisture might escape.

Regardless of what you are experiencing, be sure to hire a professional who can inspect and service your roof without causing any damage.  Here is a great video reinforcing what we said & how to address ice dams…

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Spend Holiday in Amsterdam to Have Some Fun Time

Amsterdam was always in my travel list, and one day when I finally got the chance to travel to Amsterdam my excitement was at its peak. After landing in the city, I find this city awesome for holiday. This city is known for his artistic heritage, and therefore in every nooks and cranny of Amsterdam, you will see a cultural difference. Here, is what I find interesting in Amsterdam and want you to have a look at it during your tour to the place.

Walter Elwood Museum

I begin my tour of Amsterdam from this museum as I had received lots of positive feedback about the place. From outside, the museum does not have the appearance of the museum, but inside, it has a huge and interesting collection of things that educate us about the history of Amsterdam and culture of the place.

Adirondack Animal Land

My second spot was this one. Because I was on vacation with my children, I had to take care of their interest as well. The place is both for adults and children, the zoo is well maintained and animals are in good health. If you are traveling alone, the place is not worth visiting, but if you are with family it should be in your to-do list.

Down by River

This is the place that I and my wife liked the most and my children enjoyed a bit. This is a guided tour of the Mohawk River; during the visit, you get chances to explore Erie Canal history.

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Mabee Farm Historic Site

Is the historical site and the property is lovely? There is a lush green space where you can enjoy some peaceful time with family. It is a great destination for a family picnic and school tour.

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Apopa: Improve The Hype Of Pop On Your Next Vacation

Apopa, which is one of the municipalities of the department of San Salvador, we wanted to explore something different in this beautiful country, so we were guided to Apopa, the city is now collided with Soyapango and San Salvador, making it part of the Great San Salvador Metro. The best time to visit Apopa is around January when the temperature and weather are breezy and sunny.


  • Iglesia El Rosario


the finest church in Central America with its non-descript concrete exterior concealing an arched roof and a rainbow of natural light rushing across the altar and bouncing off the metal and rock.


  • Acuatico Tio Julio Park


It may not be huge or very posh looking but it definitely has something for everyone.


  • El Picacho


The Christ at “El Picacho“, a monument which stands on the hill El Picacho, is in the north area of Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, and is at a height of 4,353 feet above sea level.


  • Lake Ilopango


Lake Ilopango, a lake formed from the volcano, is in the central part of the city. The huge blue-green water will give you an unforgettable experience.


  • Panchimalco


This town comes under the San Salvador department of El Salvador. With its 35,000 inhabitants, and sometimes called “Panchos,” this city has a lot of historical roots and just like us, if you are a buff, then you will enjoy it. If you are someone who enjoys Indian culture or if you hail from India yourself then you must see this city.

We all know this place isn’t much hyped but it’s still a treasure waiting to be found and appreciated. Plan your trip now, Apopa is waiting to surprise you. It is better than you plan your trip to spend at least one week here.

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Delta: Enjoy A Fun Holiday With Your Kids

I planned to visit Delta with my kids this summer. I must say that I had a great experience unlike what people have to say. Here, there are several things to do and see for your kids. In case you are visiting Delta anytime soon, here are a few fun things that you can do with your kids.

  • Visit a bird sanctuary

Your kids are simply going to love this sanctuary. Covering an area of 300 hectares, there are natural marshes, wetlands, and treed paths. What surprised me was that his sanctuary is home to more than 300 species of birds. The best time to visit is summer and spring. Keep in mind that you have to walk as you will not get any skateboards or bikes. These are allowed inside. I had a picnic with my entrance. You can avail the facilities at the entrance.

  • Stopover a park

You should not miss out on Centennial Beach or Boundary Bay Park. Fly kites with your kids and have some fun. Go into the water or get a snack from the concession snack. Indulge in volleyball in the courts that are present in the park. You will find migratory birds here as this is migration route along Pacific flyway.

  • Check Out the Emma Lea Farms

Handpick some berries with your kids. Picking generally starts in the middle of June and end in the month of August. However, it depends on the berries. Apart from berries, you will also find seasonal vegetables in here. Do not forget to visit the ice-cream stand. I loved the smoothie and ice-cream. But you can also have sundaes and milkshakes. These are delicious and are made from the fresh berries which are picked from the farm. You are surely going to have a unique experience.

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Brighton: This Beach-Town Is As Amazing As It Sounds

Brighton is located between the beach and the South Downs countryside. Tons of investment has been done on the Brighton Seafront. Royal Pavilion is the most remarkable landmark as it is symbolic of regency. Booth Museum of Natural history houses more than 650000 specimens in the fields of botany, zoology, and geology. Preston Manor is another tourist attraction. This royal manor was once the residence of the Stanford family who earned extensively from the lands in Brighton. They close at sharp 5 pm.

Walks in Royal Pavillion gardens are very relaxing. After that, we visited the Brighton Museum and Art gallery. It has a mixed collection i.e., pottery, china fashion, ethnography and paintings of English and Dutch. There is a central hall on its premises which exhibits the decorative art, including the Scandinavia designs of post-war periods and Art Nouveau.

We explored the aquatic life at the Sealife Brighton, a Victorian arched aquarium located on the marine parade. Per person ticket cost around $18. Our kids loved the green sea turtles and seahorses nursery. They also have an underground transparent tunnel with stingrays, sharks and eels over our heads as we walk through.

We hopped shop to shop for a whole day at the flea market of North Laine. The Bohemian air adds to the vibes of the market. The Piers is a must visit. For a 360 degree view, go to the observation tower with a round glass lift rightly named as i360.

We cycled to the Brighton dome as it was nearby to our accommodation. We stayed at the Brighthelm Cottage situated on Church Street which cost us 160 Euros per day for a unit with various amenities.  We loved the food at the Gingerman. The street food and kebabs of the chili pickle are recommended. You also get Indian dishes there.

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How To Deal With Shingle Damage

Shingles, no matter what type, lay the foundation of your roof. Although sturdy, these shingles can suffer from wear and tear overtime or as a result of a bad storm that has hit your town. The damage to your shingles can manifest in various ways; they can come loose, break or even disappear.

When you notice damage to your shingles, the best course of action is to call a professional roofing contractor for the job. Loose or missing shingles are often a sign of major damage to your roof which can only grow if not fixed in a timely manner.

What happens when shingles come loose?

Loose shingles reflect a weak foundation for your roof – the defender against all the elements. Loose shingles also means that your roof will now be more likely to leak and suffer from water damage. Since shingles are stacked up in layers one on top of another with nails and screw binding them, a strong roof with healthy shingles will not allow water to seep through the nail holes. However, when any part of the many-layered shingle comes loose, breaks or goes missing, water will have access inside and cause damage within the layers. That’s where things get messy and start going downhill.

When the shingle layers weaken, so does the overall status of your roof. Should a windy day come, you’ll find the damage even more accelerated than ever.

What can I do about shingle damage?

The first step is to investigate and assess the magnitude of the problem. If you’re unsure about how that’s done, call an expert to inspect your roof for you. The next thing you ought to do is hire a reliable roofing company to do the job of repairs for you. If you leave the repairs for later, you’ll only be making thing worse for both your roof and your budget.

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Get Your Shingled Roof Ready for the Spring here in the States

When your home has undergone the rigors of a long winter with ice, snow, frigid winds, it would have taken a toll on your shingle roof as well. Hence, it is imperative that you run a maintenance check on your roof to understand the damages done so that you can get the necessary repairs conducted before the thunderstorms of the spring season arrive.

How to scan your shingle roof?

It is best to get professional roofers to come and inspect your roof. If you are doing it yourself, it is best to simply get a visual inspection from ground level. You could use binoculars for a better view. The rooftop needs to be scanned for dark patches which would show areas that have missing shingles are buckled or broken. You need to check the damages or gaps that are created along roof edges and also inspect areas like the skylight, plumbing stacks and dormers.

Leaks and water seepage

These are common problems that need to be found and addressed before extensive damages happen to your shingle roof. Leaks ruin the R value of attic insulation. If you are not sure what that means, professional roofing companies can come and run a thorough inspection on your behalf. These usually showcase structural damages such as decay of roof decking and other structural components like rafters. When you call in the professionals such as roofing contractors they will be able to inspect and find out whether there are growth of mildew or mold, water stains on ceilings and exterior walls and so forth.

Examining gutters

These also form an integral part of your roofing and ensure that water flows out instead of accumulating on roof surfaces. Professional roofing companies would send across professionals to check how well your gutters are functioning. If there is evidence of overflowing or back up the flow that needs to be addressed as that can damage the roof decking, shingles and siding. You need to address such aspects before the rains come down. Get roofers on the task if you wish to get your gutters redone.

Professional help

To take care of any damage found on your shingle roof it is best to call in professional roofing contractors. They will be able to do a thorough inspection of the area and get the damages fixed.

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Checklist For Roofing Maintenance

This is a vital part of our home that protects us from the elements. It is necessary that we take the right steps to ensure the maintenance of our roof. Even if you have taken up a maintenance project a year back, it does not mean you can rest easy. There would be certain components that would be damaged and need replacements from time to time. Here are some key indicators that roofers suggest for keeping an eye out.

Shingle roof damages

Damaged or missing shingles are one of the common aspects to look out for when you have a shingled roof. This usually happens in extreme weather conditions, when your home has weathered storms or gone through a long winter season. While a few missing or lifted shingles need not be replaced immediately, extensive damage signs are that of several missing shingles, buckled and curled shingles that might warrant a full replacement. In such cases seek advice and quotation from dependable roofing contractors.

Water seepage in rooms below

For homes that have cemented roofs as found in tropical climates, the roof surface often develops cracks and indentations that lead to water seepage. This is seen in the ceilings of rooms below the roof or the attic. If you find water seepage signs, it is time to call the roofers and get the roof surface cemented again.

Gutter debris

While gutter debris accumulation is common, these surfaces often lose their coating over several years of exposure to weather elements. The granulated coating often gets caught in the drainage system of a roof which can lead to back flow of water as well. Calling experienced professionals from roofing companies will ensure that the right inspection is done and if replacements are needed, these are done in time.

Life expectancy of roofs

Usually a roof needs maintenance and repairs over a decade or so. Well done asphalt roofs would last you 25 years or more. If you have not gotten roof repairs or maintenance done over such a period of time it is best to call in the professional roofing contractors to inspect and get the necessary repairs done.

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